House Arrest Beauty Routine


Perfect time to let your skin breath this the time  with all of our lives being so busy with everyday task . This is the time if you don't have a skin routine you can create one know.

Love your skin take care of your skin ,Not only for make up Queens and Kings but also for my ladies that wear lashes everyday .

Even if It's a strip lash magnets lashes , extensions or just wearing Mascara Lets put our mascara wands done and eyelashes curlers and glue down. Our face skin and soul Needs a break to breath for a while . 



No Sleeping in your Makeup ladies 

Doing a daily routine in the am and pm Cleansing our face and moisturizing 

and for my Ladies skin need a little more attention deeper cleansing process do a weekly mask one of my Favorite cleaning Mask brands are Bolden the own Skin line will have face feeling like baby bottom smooth .

 After cleansing your skin 

Step 2 should be Toner. The toner should usually be the first thing you use on your cleansed skin. Alcohol free ones are best. Apply the toner with cotton rounds and take it down to your neck and chest.

Step 3 Serums are the second lightest liquid you apply on your skin after toner. Serums are what do the work ! For retinol specifically it’s the anti-aging work. Retinol is magic. Sweep it down to your neck as well.

Step 4 Apply the eye cream with your ring finger and put any of the leftovers on your lips, Although some aestheticians say that it isn’t really necessary it's a step I do and like doing 

Step 5 Moisturizer. The final step and the thickest cream to seal everything in. Apply all over your face and neck. 

Step 6 Your skin is a happy and smiling back at you , Stay hydrated and Skin Glowing through all the world  pandemic . Love on yourself its enough sadness going on we deserve it .


Stay inside Queens and Kings 

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