Isolation has Changed How we are Looking

Quarantine has cut people off from their daily life in ways , We wish was Just Bad Dream IT’S NOT ...... This is our Reality so Let’s not Fall in whole called Depression Just Jump out of that into Faith.

                       It's the Perfect time to play with Makeup 

Let's experiment with a colors on your lashes in 2020. You  can pull off a bright-pink mascara , layer on a deep-blue or green mascara instead. Jump deep in don't be scared "We can always wash it off"

"2020 is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and getting creative."

Every Spring and Summer season we Jump into Colored Liners, Trending is soft pastel colors my Favorite is still the bright neon colors 

Spring is here in 2020, it’s all about making a statement with any bright colors in My eyes , But the go to color is Pink there is a shade for everyone My personal Favorite is Matte but if Matte not your Thing you can always do a Creamy one .

I personally don't believe makeup has ever been about following the rules.

In case you didn’t know, I looove makeup

it's about embracing experimentation, and simply doing you. 

Wear that bright lipstick color, try that bold liner , wear crystals and glitter when you feel like it. It's Just Makeup never be afraid of it , Remember this is just for us Enhance our beauty .

In case you didn’t know, I looove makeup.




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