Makeup Must Haves

No matter your age, there are basic essential cosmetic products every woman should have in her makeup kit.  It's important to know how to put your look together and having the right tools and products in it will make it easy and quick to make up your face.  I suggest starting a kit with classics that suit and flatter you. 

Must Haves:

*Moisturizer with SPF:  It protects your skin and also forms a soft supple skin. Apply a layer of moisturizer and let it sink in a little.  

*Concealer: Select one that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.  Concealers come in all kinds of formulas. Pick the type that works best for  you.  I like the ones with built in brighteners to minimize darkness and puffiness.

*Eyelid Primer:  Evens out the eyelids by reducing redness and holds your eyeshadow for all day wear.

*Eyeliner: Defines the eye:  A creme gel liner with a brush is the longest lasting and holds in place longest.  It takes a little practice but it's worth it. Pencils are very easy to use and you can't go wrong with a black, navy, or dark brown eyeliner. 

*Eyebrow Color: Filling in your brows will give you a more youthful look.  You can use an eyebrow pencil, or an eyebrow powder.  Use one in the color closest to your your natural color or slightly lighter .

*Mascara: So important as it makes your eyes look more open and defined. Apply right at the base of the lashes and and wiggle the brush to get very close to the the base of the lashes.  Black, Black/Brown or Navy mascara are all perfect.

*Powder: I like a powder compact to keep in your bag to powder your nose throughout the day and to a quick refresh if necessary. 

*Blush: Gives a healthy glow to the face and totally lights up your eyes. I suggest a pink or a peachy/pink.  It will  brighten you up and will give you look fresher look instantly.

*Lip Pencil: Outlining your lip will make your lips more fuller and defined . It also keeps the lipstick from feathering.  Get one that blends with your preferred lipstick.

*Lipstick or Lipgloss: It balances your face and Gives you a complete look & keeps your lips feeling moisturized 


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